On Betty Whites birthday, a woman decided to adopt an affectionate pitbull puppy.

On Betty White’s 100th birthday, the world celebrated the life of the beloved actress and animal advocate. In honor of her special day, a woman named Sarah decided to adopt a pitbull puppy from a local animal shelter.

Sarah had always been a dog lover, and she had been considering getting a pet for a while. But it wasn’t until she saw a photo of a cute and cuddly pitbull puppy online that she knew she had to adopt him. The puppy, named Duke, had been rescued from an abusive home and was in need of a loving family.

When Sarah arrived at the shelter, Duke was the first dog she saw. He wagged his tail excitedly and licked her hand, and Sarah knew he was the one. She filled out the adoption paperwork, and soon Duke was on his way to his new home.

At first, Sarah was a little nervous about adopting a pitbull. She had heard stories about the breed being aggressive and dangerous, but Duke quickly put her fears to rest. He was the most affectionate and playful puppy she had ever met, and he loved nothing more than cuddling up with her on the couch.

As Sarah and Duke bonded over walks in the park and games of fetch, she realized how much joy he brought into her life. She also learned about the misconceptions surrounding pitbulls and how many of them are unfairly stereotyped. She decided to become an advocate for the breed and help spread awareness about the loving and loyal nature of pitbulls.

On Betty White’s 101st birthday, Sarah and Duke celebrated with a special cake and plenty of belly rubs. Sarah felt grateful for the little pup who had brought so much happiness into her life and for the inspiration of Betty White, who had dedicated so much of her life to animal welfare.

As Sarah looked into Duke’s big, brown eyes, she knew that she had made the right decision in adopting him. And she hoped that her story would inspire others to consider adopting a rescue dog, especially a misunderstood breed like the pitbull.