Ruby, a devoted Doberman Pinscher owner, took in a stray kitten that had been abandoned.

Ruby had always been a devoted owner to her Doberman Pinscher, Max.

They went everywhere together and he was always by her side, loyal and protective. So when she found a stray kitten abandoned on the side of the road, it was no surprise that she decided to take her in.At first, Max was a little confused by the addition of the tiny creature to their household. He sniffed and circled the kitten cautiously, not quite

sure what to make of her. But Ruby knew that she had to be patient and gentle, and soon Max began to accept the kitten as part of their family.The kitten, whom Ruby named Luna, was a little bundle of energy. She would run around the house, chasing after bits of string and batting at Max’s tail. Max, for his part, seemed to take it all in

stride, letting Luna climb all over him and playfully nipping at her when she got too rambunctious.As the weeks went by, Luna grew stronger and more confident. She would curl up on Ruby’s lap for naps, purring contentedly, and Max would lay beside them, watching over his new little sister. Ruby couldn’t believe how much she had come to

love this tiny creature, and she knew that Max felt the same way.One day, while Ruby was out running errands, Max and Luna were playing in the yard. Max was chasing Luna around, barking and wagging his tail, when Luna suddenly darted out into the street. Max’s heart leapt into his throat as he watched a car approach, but before he could do

anything, Luna was scooped up by a passerby.Max barked and whined, pacing back and forth along the fence. He couldn’t believe that Luna was gone, and he didn’t know what to do without her. Ruby came home to find Max sitting by the door, looking forlorn and sad.

But just as she was about to call out for Luna, she heard a faint meowing coming from the backyard. She rushed outside to find Luna sitting by the back fence, safe and sound. Ruby scooped her up, tears streaming down her face, and Max came bounding over to greet them both, barking happily.

From that day on, Max and Luna were inseparable. They would play and cuddle together, and Max would always keep a watchful eye on his little sister. Ruby couldn’t believe how lucky she was to have two such wonderful animals in her life, and she knew that their love for each other would only continue to grow.